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Feels Good Man Fantasia 2020 Review

Feels Good Man Fantasia 2020 Review


This entry is a fascinating deep dive on the Pepe the Frog phenomenon. Its humble start, its viral rise. its jump to fame and recognition and its eventual degradation into a symbol of the alt right. It's also a great example of struggle and hope. Documentary begins with the creator Matt Furie and expands upon the condensed and ever changing history of PTF. The creator's own personal life is the recurring narrative of the doc. At first this may seem insignificant but it's important to the unfolding of the story. 4 CHAN Dubbed the sad frog meme and hijacked by 4 Chan, Matt felt like he was a spectator to his own creation's changes online. PTF quickly became an outcast's symbol. Especially during a time where everyone was "living their best life" for online posts. A time when it was frowned upon if anyone was anything but positive or beautiful on social media. These disempowered men who made up 4 Chan's ranks felt they had lost their symbol to popularity. Women, who they opposed due to their own inflicted alienation, started using the meme and even included it in make up tutorials. The 4 Chan army was furious. So they striked back in the only way they knew how, by trolling. Insignificant and lacking of maturity or understanding, still they were many.The 4 Chan hub is explored a little further as well as the nature of memes. Which gave birth to the beta male uprising. Threats and crimes eventually manifested in real life as a result, empowering these fools."Memes generating violence and the violence generating memes". Is this secretly a movie about meme and 4 Chan culture? Maybe at first, but it's much more. That segment is reflective of the numerous amounts of different communities that exist online. PTF has inspired children to depressives to hate groups and even a couple of celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry who used the Pepe image for posts on INSTAGRAM. Almost every sentence uttered in the doc is matched with a Pepe meme. At times, multiple. Also important to note, there's a dark undertone in the music that starts early and leads into THE ALT RIGHT Some would induce that Pepe's popularity got Trump elected to the detriment of Mr. Furie. He was anti Trump and it made him anxious that something he created could have gotten him into office. I was surprised at the long history Pepe generated in such a short amount of time. It became a tool corrupted, used, defiled. A legendary weapon of a meaningless culture. The meme started passing through the screen. "The dream of the troll making the internet real." This is around when the alt right enters the scene. Just to clarify, the Alt Right movement is just a new name for Nazis. This is so important to communicate and make clear online as that's what they are, they're just using a new name to separate the disgusting history that goes with it. Again, the Alt Right are white supremacists whose goals are to see all who are different exiled from their country. The country their ancestors had stolen in the first place. So not a lot of logic there. Their 2016 presence is lead by Richard Spencer. Alex Jones was their celebrity spokesperson. He is a man who takes objective reality and tries to obliterate objective truth to fit his and the Alt Right's agenda. This is how Alex Jones formed ties to Trump and helped escalate fear, memes, and lies to help him win the Presidential candidacy.


Jones and Trump are both insane men who live on conspiracies of lies and are ignited and given voice by other assholes like them. The question becomes how far can memes really go? "we memed a man into the white house" a statement uttered by a 4 chan user. Kek and kekestan take the Doc to a new level of strange. But that's not relevant to go too much into. Other interesting versions of Pepe include the cryptocurrency it generated and it's collective values. These are touched on slightly. DEATH OF PEPE, Enter the Save Pepe campaign as reality became a nightmare world for the creator and his loved ones. Matt Furie tried to fight back all the hate and negativity with art and help from artist friends. Bringing Pepe into a peaceful light. It was a minimal effort that didn't go out of Furie's comfort zone and it didn't work. Pepe remained an unintentional doom icon. Almost curse like. So Matt decided to kill him in his original source, the comic book BOYS CLUB. The Death of Pepe didn't stick. The "deplorables" only saw this as a win and that they now owned him fully. It all seemed hopeless for Furie until info wars and Jones tried to monetize Pepe with a poster. With the help of experienced and pro bono lawyers, Pepe's creator finally managed to fight back. Taking responsibility and when finances overcome outdated racist ideologies, Pepe was freed. PEPE'S (seemingly) FINAL TRANSFORMATION In Hong Kong, he became symbol of hope for protestors. The metamorphosis of Pepe the frog keeps changing with society. Becoming a positive force once more. The spiral of life. The constant re-evolution of Pepe displays the nature of change. Time heals time refreshes perspective. It is a very uplifting ending with a huge deposit for human hope. I wonder when and how we'll see Pepe next...Fantasia Film Festival 2020 entry 2 - OZ

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