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First Footage for the Dark Tower Movie is Out

The Dark Tower is the seven book epic written by Stephen King that follows Roland the Gunslinger, who is trying to save a world destroyed by a mysterious higher power.  Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey are playing the roles of Roland and The Man in Black for the upcoming film based on the first book, and they got into an in-character Twitter fight today.  McConaughey started it with some goading tweets and Elba responded in kind, ending with the two posting teaser trailers focused on their respective characters. On top of that, was the announcement of a full trailer coming tomorrow. 

This series has been in the works for a few years, with Sony unable to keep directors on the project, and this marks the first time we have seen Roland on the big screen (but not The Man in Black, if you've seen The Stand).  The little bit of footage we've got looks really good, and you can watch the two trailers down below thanks to comicbook.com's Youtube page.  Check the page tomorrow for the full trailer and expect to see The Dark Tower hit theatres on August 4 of this year. 

What did you guys think? Fan of the books? Like the look of the movie? Let us know!


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