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Official Dark Tower Trailer is Out

Yesterday, we had some teaser trailers drop for the upcoming film based on Stephen King's The Dark Tower series.  Today, we've gotten the full trailer and it is about as awesome as you can expect. Jake is featured prominently, as we get to see a bit of his powers and how they lead him to Roland's world.  Flagg and Roland's relationship is given more detail, as well as the importance of the Tower.  Loooks like the film will have plenty of action too.  Overall,  this looks like a promising start to what could be a long running film franchise and I'm pretty excited for it.  The film releases on August 4 2017, so we've only got to wait a few more months.I won't get into much more, you guys can watch the trailer down below on Sony's Youtube channel. Enjoy!

What did you guys think? Like this better than the teasers yesterday? Still not sold? Let us know!

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