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Heredity Review

2018 suspense-horror Hereditary is a movie that is not for the weak of heart. It is anxiety manifest. The beauty of its trailer is it doesn't give anything anyway. All is fresh upon viewing and it works best to strengthen the pull of interest. Hereditary is highly engaging, real, and for many, familiar. It is life at its bleakest; it is tragedy. And it is definitely dark. This is a term that is not thrown lightly here; it is not used for effectual or dramatic punctuation. This story is dark, it buries itself in you and it might change you. At a certain point many theatre goers needed to pause and get air, desperate to separate themselves from this awful reality. The more curious amongst us suffered through.

Without giving too much away, the plot follows a family directly after the death of Ellen, the grandmother. The film centers around her daughter Annie, a role brilliantly executed by Australian actress Toni Collette, as she deals with the aftermath of the loss on her family. Annie and her mother were not close; there is a clear resentment and she feels a blame that she cannot understand. She is angry and hates the gloom that it has wrought on her kin, but little does she know that this is barely the tipping point.

Masterfully crafted, the cinematography, sound design, and atmosphere were perfect. The movie plays with silence and the absence of light beautifuly. It also keeps you guessing. It's a wonderful conversation piece that encourages theory talk. It is undoubtedly an intense experience but one that leaves you somehow lighter. Probably because you survived. This is a horror movie that does not rely on jump-scares; it is genuinely scary and nothing is more frightening then what is possible. Horribly, sadistically hatefully, possible. Or not. This film is multi-layered and the coatings are endless, repeated viewings highly suggested.

Communication can be so fragile. When the person is important to you, it is even more delicate.


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