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Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie NYCC Trailer

If you've been paying attention to Nickelodeon recently, you would have seen a revival of some of their old 90s cartoons in the form of movies and other media. As of New York Comic-Con 2017, Hey Arnold! is next on the list.  Fans of the show might remember some of the more touching moments, like the story of Mr. Hyunh's family or Oscar learning to read.  But arguably the saddest of them all was the disappearance of Arnold's parents as a child: mostly because this was a mystery that was never solved over the course of the show's 10 year run.  Well, we will finally get some answers this Thanksgiving, when Arnold and his class go on a trip to the same country his parents were last seen in.  The trailer shows the gang going through some Aztec/Mayan cities while being chased by a mysterious group, with the implication being that his parents were somehow involved with the two.  You can check it out for yourself down below, I know some of you are dying to see this.  

So what do you guys think? Think Hey Arnold! was the best of the old Nick shows? Eager to find out where his parents went? Let us know!

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