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I Have a Date With Spring 2018 Review (South Korea)

93 min

A very human movie with a simple motif.

On his birthday, a filmmaker sits by a lake contemplating his writer's block and his melancholy.  Until suddenly an explosion erupts in the sky, followed by four strangers led by their elder who are suddenly in the same vicinity.  She, the elder, claims that they are all fans of his work.  In exchange for a peek of his new stuff, they will leave him with a gift for his birthday.

From there, we follow the stories of various people: a strange schoolgirl, an aging professor with a silent lamentation for love, and a worn out housewife-mother.  Their tales take place on their respecitive birthdays, which happen to be the day before the end of the world.  Each are visited by a familiar yet eccentric ally whose only mission is to make them happy and to gift them with something precious that they have been missing.  Something that perhaps they didn't even know they wanted or needed.

All three stories have a lot of similar traits.  Human frailty, forgotten ego, emotional and life disruption, as well as the sense of being alone.  Doom, an allegory for death, is everyone's fate so why not goforth smiling?  

We choose to be.  We can also choose how to be.  That includes feeling, that includes mood, that includes our perspective.  Why worry about the end of the world in winter when you can look forward to a date with spring?

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