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IA's First Canadian Concert

IA's First Canadian Concert

Pop idols are a big thing in Japan, arguably bigger than what maple syrup is to Canadians or the Super Bowl is to Americans. That being said, IA (pronounced EE-AH) is one of the latest members of VOCALOID, which is a voice synthesizer software used to link a song and lyrics to virtual characters, where the most notabe character is Hatsune Miku.

Although VOCALOID has been around since 2004, the concept of the virtual band wasn't created by it. In 1998, British band Blur's vocalist Damon Albarn, alongside Jamie Hewlett, created Gorillaz as a side project. Gorillaz has its own characters and backstories that age and progress with each new album.

The main difference between Gorillaz and VOCALOID is that Gorillaz' members' voices come from Damon himself and other guest singers unaltered and VOCALOID's are synthesized with the software, and Gorillaz used traditional animation, albeit nowdays they use computer animation, whereas VOCALOID uses computer animated models.

IA's first live concert was really energetic, entertaining and really full. Every idol concert, no matter where its held, bring its hardcore fanbase from Japan and this time was no different. In the few front rows there were dozens of hardcore fans having the best time of their lives singing along as well as waving their glow sticks not only to IA but to the real life backup dancers as well, it was a really well-choreographed performance.

My final thoughts on my very first virtual concert: I would DEFINITELY go attend another concert and so should you!!! Filipe Fukutani

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