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Incredibles 2 Shatters Animated Opening Weekend Record

So the Incredibles 2 happened this weekend. And people liked it. People liked it a lot. Not only was it #1 at the box office, it's $180+ domestic opening shattered the previous animated opening weekend record set by Finding Dory at $135 million. Since we are talking how it stands against other Disney properties, it bested Captain America: Civil War's $179 million and Beauty and the Beast (2017)'s $174. As it stands, it has the potential to become the top grossing animated film of all time (domestic), topping Finding Dory and hopefully getting little kids to stop talking about Frozen

Now, I haven't seen this movie yet. I've recently moved and don't have a theater nearby. So I need everyone of you to do me a favor and go watch this film in spirit for me. Just buy some extra popcorn and leave an empty seat next to you so my spirit can find a spot. Once you go see it, let us know what you thought! There's that comment section on the Facebook, and there's the new Discord to talk things over in. So use them, and tell me all about the things I'm missing. 

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