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Interview with Eddy Jasmin

From Montreal, Quebec, Eddy Jasmin is one of the key figures in the eastern Canada electronic music scene. In 1995, ten years after his humble beginnings in Montréal suburbs, a young Haitian-Canadian was hired to take over the decks of the legendary Bain Douche Night Club on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Ten years later, the adopted Montrealer would then be considered one of the top DJs of his generation. Nicknamed « Montréal’s Prince of House », in the title of a 2004 interview, a term which has since stuck, Eddy is no stranger to the techno and electro vibes either borrowing the best of both styles as his “fine-tuned” animal instincts guide his selections delivered with taste and poise. those who have followed this multi-talented artist know of his great diversity. CBNAH caught up with Eddy Jasmin to discuss music, life in Haiti and more.

CBNAH: What are your earliest memories of living in Haiti? Do you still visit there? 

Eddy Jasmin: I remember as far as the day I left Haiti. The whole first plane experience kinda traumatized me I guess hehe. Went back once back in 97 to get a clear view of where I come from but thats about it.

CBNAH: Which artists were your inspiration when you were growing up and what made you want to be a DJ? 

EJ: No one really but I gotta say I was blessed with an uncle and step father who were into the music playing at parties and stuff so that kinda helped and without a doubt my passionate love for music as a kid. Then once I got going into it I discovered Roger Sanchez who up to this day I have admiration for. 

CBNAH: What's a day like for you in the recording studio?

EJ: I have never spent more than five hours in a studio, I kinda like the three hours sessions because its laidback and good creativity.

CBNAH: What can you describe your live act to people who haven't seen you live?

EJ: “Fine-tuned” animal instinct selection delivered with taste and poise which exhilarates all the senses is always in full force.
CBNAH: Are there any plans for you to record a EP or full-length LP album?

EJ: Always a possibility but I have the equivalent already recorded which is in commercial fine tuning process.

CBNAH: You and Julien Turmel formed the side project Jasmin and Jul. How did you guys meet up and what does Julien bring to the recording studio?

EJ: We met at the legendary Sona after hours back in '03. Julien is an expert in music production he brings the technical aspect of it all without him none of my music would be possible. I mostly concentrate on the sound and creation of the music.

CBNAH: Switching from music for a second, you were in the film Pluto Nash. Is this correct, if so, did you get to chance to chat with Eddie Murphy?

EJ: Yes, I did but so very briefly and mostly on a pro level, he is a BIG superstar on the set. Since he had to come talk to me in the movie we got a few blooper laughs between takes.

CBNAH: What's the best advice you got about being a DJ?

EJ: Stay Sober ! haha! 

CBNAH: What are your main goals for 2014?

EJ: Well seeing as the clubscene is dying I wanna go all out in Supper Clubs, lounges and Corporate stuff.. Increase money income so I can free up some day job time in order to put it back in the studio... For starters haha.

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