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Interview with Louden Noxious of Kaiju Big Battel

If you're a big fan of Godzilla films and pro wrestling, then Kaiju Big Battel is for you. For almost twenty years Kaiju Big Battel has been building a strong fan base with its fun and over the top shows. The evil Dr. Cube and his posse have their goals set on complete world domination but it's up to the heroes of Kaiju Big Battel to stand up against the evil doctor. They settle their differences inside the wrestling ring instead of destroying major cities in the process. CBNAH caught up with play-by-play commentator and M.C., Louden Noxious to discuss the "Little Trouble in Big Easy" event (April 4th on WrestleMania weekend) and all things Kaiju.  

CBNAH: First off, what is Kaiju Big Battel for our readers who are unfamiliar with it?

Louden Noxious: In short, Kaiju Big Battel is an epic struggle between the evil city crushing monsters of Dr. Cube’s Posse versus champion fighters, the Kaiju Heroes!

CBNAH: Kaiju will be celebrating its twenty anniversary this year. Why do you think Kaiju has been able to be more popular now than ever before?

Louden Noxious: Anime, Manga, Japanese culture, Godzilla movies, pro wrestling/MMA and of course comic book culture have never been hotter. Comic-con is now mainstream, big business. We are an action adventure comic book come to life!

CBNAH: WrestleMania weekend is the busiest year in pro wrestling and for the second straight year Kaiju Big Battel will be apart of the festivities. What's it like to be apart of it and general reaction from fans attending their first Kaiju show?

Louden Noxious: That’s what we’re counting on! WM weekend is our big chance to expose fans from all over the world to experience live monster mayhem. Last year we were in the NY/NJ area, where we are familiar. NOLA is uncharted territory and fans want to see one of kind performances. The world will have it’s eyes on us that weekend and we are so proud to be a part of the “WWN Live Experience” both at Tulane, University and on iPPV!

CBNAH: Any matches signed for the "Little Trouble in Big Easy" show? If not, who will be at the show? 

Louden Noxious: ALWAYS be on the lookout for Cube and his posse. Kung Fu Chicken Noodle has some unfinished business as well as crowd favorite French Toast! The great thing about KBB is it’s an ensemble cast, no one comes to see a certain “fighto” or monster, they come to see the Kaiju Experience. Most of the female attendees are there to see the amazing master of ceremonies, the hilarious Louden Noxious!

CBNAH: Are there any specific shows or matches for new fans to get into Kaiju Big Battel?

Louden Noxious: My favorite is Kaiju in 3D, from Warsaw in Brooklyn.

CBNAH: What's it like to be featured on E:60?

Louden Noxious: It was very cool. They show it all the time, and I’ll get a text once in a while from a friend “hey you’re on espn right now”. They just came and shot it, we had no idea how often it would run.

CBNAH: Overall thoughts on the upcoming Godzilla film? 

Louden Noxious: Kaijus are very territorial. Godzilla better watch his ass.

CBNAH: After Wrestlemania weekend, what can fans expect from KBB for the rest of the year?

Louden Noxious: Chaos. Mayhem. Unspeakable horror. With a twist of lemon.

Catch us on tour:
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May 31st NYC
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