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Netflix's Iron Fist is Out Now

Friendly reminder to everyone, you can watch Netflix's Iron Fist starting today. Depending on what device you are using, it might be a while before Netflix updates, as the PC version had the show up before the IPad application on my end.  

If you haven't heard, this might be the first Marvel property that isn't great.  The show is currently sitting at a 19% on Rotten Tomatoes (that's 5 positive reviews and 22 negative) with the average score being a 4.65 out of 10.  Between this and the controversy surrounding the race of the character, Iron Fist doesn't seem like it's off to a great start, but who knows? A lot of people like the DC-Snyderverse films, and none of those were well received by critics either.  It's already up on Netflix, so it's not like you have to pay anything extra to watch, and it might be a cool lead in to the upcoming Defenders movie.  

What do you guys think?  Did you already watch the whole season?  Not going to bother with this one?  Let us know!

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