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James Franco in Talks for Multiple Man Movie

Another day, another X-Man gets a movie.  From the Hollywood Reporter, James Franco (Harry Osbourne Spider-Man 1-3, Tommy Wiseau The Disaster Artist) is in talks to play Multiple Man in a standalone movie.  Simon Kinberg, writer and producer for a bunch of the previous X-Men movies, is set to produce this with Allan Heinberg, writer for Wonder Woman, penning the script.  This is set to join Deadpool 2GambitX-Men: Dark PhoenixThe New Mutants, and a currently unnamed X-23 movie on the long list of upcoming X-Men films from Fox.  

James Madrox, the Multiple Man, is a man who can, get this, make multiples of himself.  Where he stands out is that his clones can act autonomously and Madrox can retain the memories the clones made while they were off doing their thing. He actually appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand (apologies for people trying to forget this existed) if you've seen that movie: he was the guy who "robbed seven banks at the same time" on the mutant transportation convoy.  With the in-universe reboot that happened with Days of Future Past it looks like Fox is willing to give some of the side characters from the old universe another shot.  We'll keep you guys updated when we know more. 

So what do you guys think? Fan of Multiple Man? Think James Franco can pull this off? Let us know!

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