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Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer and Release Date

We are finally moving into life after The Defenders for the Marvel Netflix crew. First up is Jessica Jones, who is seemingly still struggling to cope with the tragedies in her life. However, it looks like in Season 2, she will be looking for some answers about her family's death and why she was given her superpowers after the car crash. On top of all that, it looks like Alias Investigations now has a competitor looking to muscle in on her turf. With some shaky series ever since Iron Fist debuted, I think Jessica Jones is what we needed to get the Marvel Netflix-verse back on track. Check out the trailer yourself down below, is a little spoilery for those of you looking to go in blind, so be warned. If you like you what see, you can catch Jessica Jones Season 2 on Netflix March 8, 2018. 

So what do you guys think? Have some theories about the dude clapping at the end? Looking forward to catching up with Jessica Jones? Let us know!

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