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John Wick Director to Make Ed Brubaker's Kill or be Killed Movie

Ed Brubaker's hit Image series Kill or be Killed is coming to theaters.  Coming from The Hollywood Reporter, the crew behind the project is going to be Chad Stahelski and Basil Iwanyk, the director and producer behind the amazing John Wick series.  And with Ed Brubaker as Executive Producer and Daniel Casey, who previously worked on another Ed Brubaker film adaptation Incognito (which may or may not exist, news of this disappeared after its announcement in 2016), this movie is looking to be in good hands.  

If you can't recall who he is, Ed Brubaker is the guy responsible for the Captain America: The Winter Soldier comic, as well as a million other books for DC and Marvel.  For our more comic-savy readers, you'd also know him for his crime thrillers Fatale and The Fade Out.  If you haven't been reading it, Kill or be Killed follows a college student named Dylan who's suicide attempt was thwarted by a demon who requires that he kill one person a month for repayment.  Doubtful at first, he is soon given cause to believe his circumstances are real and starts working on repaying his debt.  This sends Dylan down a dark road where he is forced to confront some personal trauma from his past while his sense of reality becoming more and more distorted.  His actions also ignite a war between a Russian crime family, which might be what brought Stahelski to the project in the first place.  It's a really neat concept and it's something that could be stellar if it's given the same care as John Wick. There's not much more we know right now, but we'll keep you guys posted once we get more details. 

So what do you guys think? Fan of the comic? Think this is the right team to bring it to film? Let us know!


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