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JUPITER'S LEGACY Vol. 2 #2 Review

JUPITER'S LEGACY Vol. 2 #2.: So cool, I forgot how little I understand about it (SPOILERS)
Review by Mike McCoy

Here's the thing about Jupiter's Legacy; I love the series. I love the characters, I love the connection to Jupiter's Circle (more on that later) and, since it's Mark Millar, I love the dialogue. This issue is no exception. That being said, sometimes I get so caught up in the things I like, I ignore the times that the questions I have go unanswered. Before I go there, however, I'll break down the issue. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

We start this issue where the last one ended. Super kid Jason Hutchence-Sampson (who pretty much has no chance of NOT ending up the most powerful character in the series) stands ready to face off with the mysterious super-ninja-bodyguard Raikou. In the ensuing fight, which adds in Chloe and the ragtag group of former villains the Hutchence family recruited, we learn that Raikou, like seemingly every important character in this series, is a member of the core super family as Walter/Brain Wave's illegitimate daughter. With her over-powered DNA comes strength, speed, and, formidable telepathy.

However, the fight is just a diversion. The real objective is retrieving Freddie Merc--I mean Repro---the imprisoned hero who can "Steal the powers" of other supers. 

Mamma Mia, let me go!!!

Once freed, Repro makes short work of Raiku and the soldiers aiming to capture our heroes, and they're able to escape, like a tiger, defying the laws of gravity.

Back in the states, an assassination attempt that obliterates a big portion of Detroit leaves Brandon (who's turning out to be a real dick) angry and delusional... Well, even MORE angry and delusional. He in turn attacks Walter, who is just beginning to realize that maybe putting an unstable twenty-something (with seemingly every super power you can have) in charge of the ENTIRE PLANET wasn't an awesome idea.


The issue ends with Jason (also a supergenius inventor, because of course he is) reveals to his father, Hutch, as well as the rest of the group, that they may be receiving a BIG hand from someone nobody has seen in decades: Skyfox, Hutch's father.

1.   OK, the list of powers I have compiled for Chloe, Brandon, and Jason includes the following: flight, super speed, super strength, sonic blasts, laser/heat vision, super-intellect, telekinesis, and weather manipulation(?!). Add in the telepathy from Walter's genes, and there's no need to have any other superheroes at all. This family covers all bases. I can't wait to see what powers they DON'T have.
2.   The connections to Jupiter's Circle are specific enough to please those who read both series without alienating those who only read Legacy. Well-done (of course) Mark Millar.
3.   I wondered this when I read Circle, but now I'm just going crazy. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THE POWER ROD DO? Everything? It's a teleporter, an energy blaster, a lightsaber, and a Green Lantern ring all in one. Are there different buttons for each function? Do you have to say your destination out loud before you use it? How did Skyfox make it in a matter of seconds? Whatever. I want one.

What is happening here?! (Jupiter's Legacy vol. 2 #1)

I know it may not seem like it, but Millar and Quitely's Jupiter's Legacy has me hooked. I still loved this issue, and it gets a 7.5/10


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