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JUPITER'S LEGACY Vol. 2 #3: Superheroes Are All Kind of Dicks

All right, not a ton of action in this, which is fine, because Millar's writing is good enough to carry an issue without superhero fights. Besides, it's still kind of hard to understand how the main characters' powers work, and an issue without really showcasing them saves me from going "What the fuck did he/she just DO?"

Super 3D Imaging power or something

Hutch, Chloe, and SuperJason the Wonderkid arrive in Russia to try to convince Skyfox(!) to join their merry band of bad guys. Hutch, who is WAAAAY too nice for a guy talking to his estranged father after over 20 years, pleads with Skyfox, who clearly has better things to do than save the world (like apparently watching everything that was ever on TV). Jason discovers that he and Skyfox have more in common than The old man would like to admit, but that's not enough to get him to join the team.....

Haha not really. Ol' George realizes he never really got a chance to be there for his son when it counted, and joins the resistance, ready to make amends. Well, make amends and kick the ass of the man who stole his girl (telepathically) all those years ago. To him, the plan is simple... 


1.) This would have been a good issue to get better acquainted with the other members of the resistance. I mean, I wouldn't have minded cutting back to the secret hideout to see some dialogue between the former villains that revealed who exactly they were.

2.) Not a lot really went down in this ish, so I'm thinking it means next issue will be heavy on the action. I trust Mark Millar.

3.) If anything, this issue made me want to read more Jupiter's Circle and that's ok. But the moment where Skyfox remembered seeing Hutch as a boy was a great example of why this book keeps drawing me in. I've started appreciating Frank Quitely's art more and more. And this issue was a good showcase of that skill. 

I give this one an 8/10 just for not needing action every issue to make a great superhero story. It's building to something great, and I can't wait until next month. - Mike McCoy




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