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Justice League NYCC trailer

Another Comic-Con, another trailer for a major upcoming superhero movie.  With a month before the film hits theaters, Warner Bros. has put out a new trailer for the Justice League.  Where this one stands out is that this is the first good look we've gotten at Steppenwolf and the Apokolips-esque battleground that might be Apokolips or might be a terraformed section of Earth.  Either way, this looks cool.  If you've been keeping up with everything released about the Justice League so far, there won't be much new to see here.  If you've been avoiding trailers, this is one you definitely want to stay away from, as a lot of this footage looks like it might be from the ending.  If you want to check it out, it will be posted down below.  If you want to know when you can grab your tickets for the Justice League, you won't have to wait much longer: November 17, 2017.  Can't imagine there will be a whole lot more coming in these last few weeks, but we will be sure to keep you guys updated if we hear anything else. 

So what do you think? Going to wait for reviews? Going to a midnight showing? Let us know!

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