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Teaser Trailer for Justice League Movie Trailer Released

UPDATE: More of these teaser trailers have been coming out all day on the Justice League movie Facebook page, each one featuring a different member of the Justice League.  The new videos will be added at the bottom as they come out. 


So a teaser trailer for a new trailer for the Justice League movie was just released.  Yeah, I also think it's really weird to release a trailer for a trailer, but this one has a pretty cool shot of Aquaman.  If I were to venture a guess, they are taking this opportunity to dispell the "Aquaman is a big sissy" myth well before the movie releases on November 17 of this year.  The full trailer will drop sometime on Saturday, so keep an eye out on our website for when it does.  You can watch the teaser from comicbook.com's Youtube channel below.  It's only 16 seconds and that shot of Aquaman is really cool.






So what do you guys think? Confused about trailer trailers? Do you also like that shot of Aquaman? Let us know!


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