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Full Trailer for the Justice League Movie is Out

The new Justice League trailer has finally dropped.  This is probably the first real look we've gotten of the cast in action, and I gotta say, it looks pretty good.  Cyborg, Aquaman and the Flash all get a fair amount of time and the trailer does a pretty good job of telling us the plot of the film without giving it away.  For those of you who have thought that the DC films were a bit too serious, there's some more humor here than we've seen before.  If you were hoping we'd fine out who the rest of the cast was, not today.  While they maybe should have changed the advertising to say "Unite the Five!", I know I'm more excited for November 17th as I once was.  You can watch the trailer down below. 

What do you guys think? Like the trailer? Still skeptical about the movie? Let us know!

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