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Ken Leung Cast in Marvel's Inhumans

Even more casting news for Marvel's Inhumans TV show. Yesterday we had Medusa, the day before we got Black Bolt and today we've got Karnak, to be played by Ken Leung.  Leung has been in a ton of things, Admiral Statura in Star Wars Episode VII, Miles Straume in Lost, Kid Omega in X-Men: The Last Stand, the list goes on.  In the press release put out by Marvel, Jeph Loeb, head of Marvel Television, said "Ken brings both a wisdom and a power to the role that no one else could match.  His Karnak will be awesome".  Executive Producer and showrunner Scott Buck followed up with "Ken Leung has a great natural intelligence that reads clearly and will add depth and complexity to the very nature of Karnak." 

Unlike Medusa and Black Bolt, Karnak doesn't have any crazy superpowers.  He has the super-strength and durability that most other Inhumans have, but he combines that with an expert understanding of martial arts.  He's a cousin to Black Bolt and acts as his advisor.  You can catch Leung and everyone else on the eight episode series on ABC this September.

Let's hear from you guys! What are you thinking of the cast so far? Any characters you want to see added to the show? Tell us what you think. 

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