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Logan Crushes the Box Office This Weekend

The box office numbers are in and Logan made a ton of cash this weekend.  It pulled in $237,800,000 from the combined U.S. and foreign markets, making it the top grossing film for the first weekend of March 2017.  In the U.S. alone, it made $85,300,000, with the next closest competition being Get Out at $26,110,695. Overall, Logan has had the 4th best weekend opening for a film in March, with Batman v. Superman still holding the top spot.  

With a budget of 127 million dollars, Fox has already made its money back, and then some.  The makers of the film must be feeling pretty good about themselves, between the insane amount of money they made and the 216 positive critic reviews.  It doesn't seem like Logan is losing momentum any time soon, as you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who didn't like the film.  Here's hoping they can break a billion.

Finally see Logan yet? Happy it's doing well? Are you one of the few who didn't like it? Tell us what you think! 



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