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Marvel Unlimited Gets Grisbyed: 1872

I'm actually a bit further along on reading down the Marvel unlimited browse list (just read A-Force) and don't want to get behind so... 1872.

It's your standard western, told with Cap and Stark. Solid writing, though. You get a sense of what the characters have gone through up until the book starts. Not sure if overall it will feel as deep as 1602 did but it is seemingly close in quality by one issue. I, however, have never been a huge fan of westerns. I've watched enough with my dad though to know how the story goes and I'm just not as interested in following. I'm also not sure if this title got more than the two issues on unlimited. Not much point bothering if it is a really short run.
Like westerns? Get a quick read, otherwise it's easily missable. But necessarily a pass if you like the main characters... (I'm slightly intrigued by Red Wolf but again, not enough to read a western). -Chris Grisby


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