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Marvel Unlimited Gets Grisbyed: Age of Heroes

In light of DC's 'Rebirth' this seemed like Marvel's attempt to return to a brighter Marvel U that many knew. But like DCYou, I barely remember the promotion lasting very long.
This was a bunch of mini stories. A decent JJJ story, a terrible "relatable" doctor voodoo story, a forgettable mini moment of Captain Britain officially becoming an avenger, and Spidey getting shitted on in NY.

I can appreciate the attempt but it fell short, imo. Though I would've wanted the bright and shiny to last on marvel for awhile longer. Of course, this is just a jumping on point/ starter issue (and obviously marvel has gotten brighter, to date), but it doesn't bode well for this era. And also, speaks to wasted opportunities, at least in my eyes, the companies miss out on with these lackluster number ones and relaunches.
Definite pass. Unless you happen to be a cap Britain fan and want to own the issue he becomes an avenger...


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