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Marvel Unlimited Gets Grisbyed: Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies

Ok. I'd be the first mother fucker to tell you to avoid anything Age of Ultron. But this wasn't all bad. I actually loved the first bit with everyone's favorite nearly naked avenger, Tigra. OK, maybe not everyone's but it was a great mini story/intro.

Anyway, there's entirely too much exposition/explaining and Hank Pym's accent, which is rough to read. But I was intrigued enough to read the rest of the series available. Overall, OK for an aside and look at pym. The best parts are the random scenes of people trying to survive the zombies and looking at what should be a cool aspect of the Marvel U, the relationship between Vision, Wonder Man and Human Torch. Cool thinking about them working together. (I'd be interested if anyone can tell me where else the three have been featured together for a while).

Don't know how the series ends so I can't outright recommend it. could at least be a quick bathroom read. - Chris Grisby


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