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Marvel Unlimited Gets Grisbyed: All-New Marvel Now! Point One

Let's say it does its job in telling me there wasn't a lot that I was going to be interested in the All-New Marvel. At least not the ones they were pushing. A bunch of mini stories loosely tied to a larger Loki story.

Surfer being ordinary and throwing punches was probably the best story. But I couldn't see myself buying it. Ms. Marvel being ugh-noying, widow being red in my ledger-y, an OK lead in to the invaders which was a disappointing title, Cap selling out to shield, some weird cameo from Meggan and captain Britain...

It just wasn't a good time, for me. I did like the bit with Thor and Loki but yeah this was mostly a big ol' nope for me. Wouldn't even recommend this to someone to check out titles. - Chris Grisby



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