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Marvel Unlimited Gets Grisbyed: Marvel 1602

Continuing on my trek through Marvel Unlimited...  Marvel 1602.

A cool miniseries which could've easily been played like AoA, as a company wide takeover event that replaced the marvel u at the time. But instead it was a downplayed well written aside. I remember seeing pics from 1602 and thinking the redesigns for characters looked cool but it was well out of my comic tastes and budget, at the time.

The art is easy on the eye. The story is easy to get into despite coming at the main story from a few angles. For a story that mainly follows Nick Fury and Daredevil, two characters I don't normally read, I found myself very interested and easily finished almost all the issues in a row. Every character, save poor Toad, had something really engaging about their character. Most of the characters are easy to place with their normal marvel u counterparts but it's great to see them interacting in this new world.

Solid book. Not much for action but far from boring. A lot of reading involved so not a quick bathroom read. I'd recommend reading the trade or marathon reading on digital. If I wasn't a cheap bastardy I could see myself buying the trade for a shelf. Especially with a Rohjaz cover... -Chris Grisby


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