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Milocrorze: A Love Story - Review

Milocrorze: A Love Story - Review

Ishibashi Yoshimasa’s film is comprised of three interconnecting stories, each story handles love, and its cost. The first of which is Ovreneli Vreneligare, whose life is uprooted by meeting the titular Ms. Milocrorze. Ovreneli finds happiness in life while in a relationship with Milocrorze, but it is short lived, as Milocrorze moves on to a new romantic interest. The devastation leaves a hole where Ovreneli’s heart was, which he covers with a pot lid. The second story follows a Besson Kumagai, a love counselor, with the penchant of humiliating young men seeking his advice. Besson also provides questionable advice, focusing on ridiculous romantic gestures. Lastly, is Tamon, who fights to win his loves affection, only to have it snatched away. This drives Tamon on a quest to be reunited with his true love.

Each of the stories are absurd and imaginative. The pacing is wild and fast paced. Ishibashi crafts a story that utilizes a variety of genres seamlessly, particularly during Tamon’s story, which is a mash of contemporary, western, and samurai style. Ishibashi also utilizes non-linear storytelling, that helps the viewer understand the transformations each of the characters undergoes as a product of love.

I would recommend anyone to watch Milocrorze, but I wouldn’t expect everyone to understand, as it is unusually bizarre and perhaps even confusing at times because the story telling is far from being straight forward, nor is it solid at times, but rather broad and patchy. That said, many things about the movie can still be appreciated and enjoyed. The different variety of music genres playing in background did very well to supplement scenes to appear more charming or tragic. The action scenes were stunning, particularly the sword fight scene in the brothel, which gave tribute to kabuki theatre. This scene was extremely well orchestrated and captured the raw emotion of a ronin fighting to save the love of his life, who was kidnapped and forced to work in a high-end yakuza operated brothel. 

Ishibashi Yoshimasa asks the audience to see the affects of love on each character, whether is it mending a broken heart or having love and lost. Even the wacky Kumagai highlights how unnecessary over the top romantic gestures are when finding love. Despite how painful and tragic love can be, it presents hope and happiness that is unrivaled.

The most impactful line of the film for me was, “If anything happens, I’ll make a grave for us to be buried together.” --Himena Aoki 

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