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Montreal Comic-Con 2019 Q&A Panels Elijah Wood, Jim Cummings and Dan Foggler

Among the collectibles, graphic novels, and costumes, The Montreal Comic Con is special for something else; Q&A panels with celebrities.

This year we got the privilege of asking questions to a very jet lagged Dan Foggler. His demeanor was adorable, hanging between the threads of exhausted lunacy and comedic rebuttals. Best known for his role as Jakob Kolwalski in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 1 & 2, Dan shared some wonderful stories featuring his experiences with other big name celebrities. My favorite being the story about Bill Murray and his encounter with the legendary Prince.

The day previous, I got the honor of watching another legend answer some questions in a more up close and personal setting. Jim Cummings is 67 years old but his energy level is that of a teenager. Never missing a beat, the way he spoke was rhythmic and enchanting. Many 30+ year olds melted in their sits whenever he would slip in and out of character voices as he casually back and forthed. I personally lost it when he went Monterrey Jack from Rescue Rangers. The Q&A went by so fast yetwas incredibly informative. Some interesting future plans were revealed and he had us, the audience, hooked. The man is so quotable, it's ridiculous. A prime example is how he feigned confusion to how everyone now doesn't work for Disney. He may have oracled a dark future we might not be ready for.

Finally, the cherry on top of the everything cake, Elijah Wood's Q&A. Quite a mesmerizing man, Elijah is one of the most down to earth people I've never met. Kind, respectful, gentle, yet sincere and with a sailor's mouth, he full heartedly replied to the best of his power to every question, most of which revolved around Lord of the Rings. Even when at times the questions sounded like gibberish and the crowd started turning on the mic holder. Elijah took his time replying to everything, sometimes with too much detail which was a treat. One must give it up to the one audience member who brought up THE GOOD SON, a peak curiosity of mine. There was a wonderful backstory to that involving some freezing rapids and trauma. A friend asked me if his eyes were as electric in real life as they are on the screen. My answer was they were even better.

The videos that follow pertain to everything discussed so far. CBNAH is very happy to be a part of Comic Con as it is a part of our history and heritage.

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