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Museum of Symmetry

Early on in September, I had the opportunity to experience a VR console and program, the likes I haven't before at the Concordia EV building. The Museum of Symmetry, the first hand-drawn 2D animation VR experience in a room-scale 3D playground.

An immersive participation that took me to another realm, one of the eyes and mind. It was pretty dope. It had a matriarchal overtones, which was refereshing.  

The first few minutes felt emetic as you tried to adjust yourself to the new reality, but once you understood your objective, it was fun and engaging. And also easy to solve. By the colors and the settings of the different planes I visited, it was clear this specific program was aimed at a younger audience. It was very enjoyable and quite a change of atmosphere from hand held consoles, joystick controlled consoles or starring at a computer screen.  

I found myself laughing a lot, at myself or at the cuteness of scenario. I would have done it twice if time allowed me.

After the game/experience, I had a chance to sit with Ruben Farris, co-creative director and game designer on Museum of Studio Casa Ragra, for a quick interview. 


CBNAH: What would you say was your aim at creating MoS and how do you feel VR could be used practically today in our world? What would do you think is the value of VR?

RF: I made this game because I wanted to help people learn and have fun while doing it. This isn't the final product but we're getting close. I enjoy the modern day application of virtual reality because it can transfer experience as well as create beauty. It can also help us understand how to work on ourselves and how to help others.

Museum of Symmetry is available to download for free to owners of HTC Vives. It's also available wherever VR headsets are sold and as well as on Steam.

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