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My Meet & Greet with Tom King

My Meet & Greet with Tom King

By Michael Miranda

So, I had purchased a couple of meet and greets with Scott Snyder and Tom King, and I was under the impression they were both tomorrow.  That is, until I got a call at 4:30pm today for my 4:00pm Meet & Greet with Tom...today.  Well, my first audible reaction was "oh shit." Luckily everyone at Reed Metaverse and even Tom were super chill about it and we got a good laugh out of it.  I got to "meet" Roxie, and Tom is an all-around solid human being. I'm glad I had the chance for a quick virtual sit down. Tom has an impressive resume, from his novel in 2012 to various things in DC before taking the reins for Batman up until the conclusion of City of Bane.  His upcoming project is Rorschach under the Black Label imprint.  So, let me share with you the quick convo I had with Tom! 

Me: Hi!

Tom: Hey, what's going on man how ya doing?

Me: I'm so sorry, I thought you and Scott were both tomorrow until they called me like "Hey, Tom's waiting for you" and I was like "Oh shit"

Tom: No problem at all. Dude, where are you at in the world? 

Me: I'm in Philly, just a few hours north of ya. How is everything down in D.C. right?

Tom: Shitty, it's pretty shitty haha. How is everything up there in Philly?

Me: Shitty, shitty.  

Tom: Well, at least it's consistent right?

Me: Haha yup, at least it's consistent. I've been trying to get through your Batman run in the meantime.   

Tom: Oh that's good thank you. I appreciate that, at least I can provide some occupation right? 

(Hears Roxie barking in the background)

Tom: So what can I do for ya man, you have any questions?

Me: Yeah, yeah. With your experience in the CIA, what characters do you think would translate well with that?

Tom: Batman wasn't the best CIA guy, because he's too confident.  The CIA is a comibination..it's a lot about the bluff. It's a lot about making you think how cool you are, and Batman's never bluffing, Batman is that cool. This is a deep cut, but the Human Target sticks out to me.  Like a guy whose job is to bluff, his job is to make you think he isn't who he is. Becuase that's what the CIA is about, making you buy the lie. Like, I'm not who you think I am, I'm somebody else. CIA is all about telling the best story that gets you where you need to be. So the Human Target jumps out, the Sargeant Rock characters and more of that war stuff. When I did spying we didn't do Soviet stuff, we did more anti Al Qaeda stuff. 

Me: Do you think Martian Manhunter or Hal Jordan would translate well with that stuff? 

Tom: Martian Manhunter would be cool, but he's such a stoic guy. He's more like a general than a guy in the field, at least to me. I think if you took Hal Jordan out of being a Space Cop and made him an undercover cop for a little bit, that would be cool.  That's a good idea.

(sees our clock running down on the video chat)

Me: Alright Tom, it looks like our clock is running down man, it was nice talking to you and I'll catch you on Twitter. 

Tom: Alright buddy, nice talking to you, see ya on Twitter. 

It was an all-around awesome meet & greet with an awesome member of the DC Family. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing his name on more titles.  Rorschach #1 comes out October 13, 2020 from DC's Black Label imprint. 

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