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Trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Leaked

So there's apparently a sequel to the 2015 Star Wars: Battlefront coming (big shock) and a trailer for it just leaked online.  It appears that EA and DICE listened to complaints about the first one, as there seems to be a single-player story mode this time around.  Of course the multiplayer component is still in, but what is most interesting is the source material: we will be seeing stuff "across all eras".  So no, Darth Maul isn't going to be in The Last Jedi, but it does look like we will get to play content set in the prequels as well as the current trilogy.  They didn't show off any real gameplay, but the trailer looks neat.  You can watch it for yourself down below, thanks to this Vimeo user (UPDATE-Youtube user) (DOUBLE UPDATE).  And keep an eye on the site for more Star Wars news later this week, the Star Wars Celebration will be going on and there will be plenty more to see. 

What do you guys think? Looking forward to the new game? Liked the last one? Let us know!



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