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Next Batch of Characters Revealed for Dragon Ball Fighter Z

UPDATE: Translation has been added to the bottom from Gematsu

This newest issue of Weekly Jump, a Japanese Manga magazine, has released, and with it comes an advertisement for the new characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ.  If you lack the ability to read Japanese (don't worry, I can't either) it's still very clear that we are getting Gotenks, 'Adult' Gohan and Kid Buu.  The images show that Gotenks will be fighting in his Super Saiyan 3 form and have access to all of his iconic attacks, from his Super Kamizaze Ghost Attack to his Buu Buu Volleyball. Kid Buu looks to have his Death Ball attack for one of his Super Moves and Gohan has stronger variations his Kamehameha.  There is also something at the bottom that appears to discuss a side mode that will be included with the main game.  We will post an update once a translation is released, so keep an eye on the site for that.  Until then, you can expect to see Dragon Ball FighterZ to hit shelves on January 26, 2018 and I wanted to give a quick shout out to various users on Gamefaqs for providing the magazine scan at the top.

Thanks to Gematsu, we now have a translation for the attached character descriptions.  For Gotenks's Volleyball Super, the character setting him up for the spike will change depending on who you have on the team, Piccolo being shown here.  Gohan will have the ability to expend bars of meter to power himself up, with the magnitude growing depending on how much meter you spend to do so.  His super is described as an incomparable Kamehameha.  Kid Buu can change his body for different attacks with his super being an attack that "destroys the Earth".  As for the screenshots at the bottom, that is showing off the game's shop and arcade mode.  The shop will allow you to purchase character colors and artwork, like in the Guilty Gear and Blazblue series.  The arcade mode is something a little unique, as the path you take will change depending on whether or not you win or lose a fight; no "game over, continue for half the score" like normal. 

So what do you guys think? Looking forward to this game? Have your team picked out? Let us know!


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