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Oh, Killstrike #2-4 Review

Oh! Killstrike
Written by Max Bemis
Interior and cover art by Logan Faerbair
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

A dark gritty tale violence, lust and hate... Or not.

Oh! Killstrike was one of those comics that for me was sold on the cover. Issue one looked so promising in its sheer absurdity that I couldn't help but pick it up at least to try it out. A little over a month down the line I'm mulling over my feelings for this little four part series, and all I can think about is how much I loved it.

Disclaimer: if your a fan of deadpool (as in you actually read the comic) or have fond memories of comics in the 90s don't bother reading this review just go and buy the book. You'll thank me later.

Oh! Killstrike follows the adventures of Jared, a new father who has his own daddy issues after his father (a comic book artist/writer) abandoned him as a child. Whilst emptying his attic one day he finds that an issue of "killstrike" sells for a ridiculous sum online and he starts preparing to sell unfortunately the main character of the book is released into the real world resulting in a quest to find Jared's father and enact vengeance.

The book is mainly series of 90s tropes that ultimately tell a story over time. Inside you'll find oversized guns, hyper violence, jokes about cleavage windows, comic book nerd rage and "dark" versions of characters. Although the book pokes fun at comics in general it actually tells a sweet story about self worth and pride, speaking of pride, killstrike handles issues of sexuality far better than "air boy" (both released at the same time) ever did. The main issue I had with this book was that the stories focus changes drastically with every issue but when read as a whole story it holds up pretty well. The art can occassionally be a little messy too but when a splash page appears it is glorious.

All in all I'd give killstrike an 8/10, if it had had more issues it may have had more time to shine and got a better score. I'm also afraid that if i gave a lower score killstrike might come for vengence. - Matthew Ridout


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