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Otakuthon 2018 Cosplayers by Ous Zaim

Every picture has a story. And stories connect. Join me on this experiment would you? To the laboratory!

LEGEND: Each photo has a mini story for an over arching finale. Look at the photos of cos-players and enjoy. But for a different experience, read along as you do.  PLUS ULTRA!!!

I opened my eyes to find myself in the strangest of places, but with some familiar faces. The first to greet me were Gon... and TWO Kiluas! Even stranger, Pitou was there as well! And she-he was smiling and getting along with the others.

I asked Gon directly for his help.

He said sure thing and pointed his fishing rod in the direction of Something.

Something was sitting there with Alluka. How could this possibly be happening? Aren't they one and the same? Don't they inhabit the same body? I was too confused. Something asked me to make a wish but I knew better. I ran.

Straight into Jojo Josuke (who seemed to have breasts in this bizarre dimension) was hanging out with the despicable Yoshikage Kira aka the murderous Killer Queen! I couldn't contain myself, I ran in another direction.

I asked for help from the next person I sought, a beautiful visage who at first felt threatened but then took pity on me. She smiled but alas, was not helpful. So I went on my way.

A gang of trouble making furries spotted me. They beat me (and did other things) until I was unrecognizable. During their laughter and proud howling, I managed to crawl away bloody and broken. 

I was very lucky to find the kindhearted Genny, a healer of the highest caliber. She healed all she could but said I should go see a doctor and she knew just the one. A trusted doctor, scientist, and princess. All of that, AND made of bubble gum too.

Princess Doctor Bubble Gum!  She even told me who I could talk to, to get home.

Her kind smile and helpful prescription healed my body and soul.


A pirate miss, of fortune.  A legend in her own league.  She sold me a magical map that can whisk me home easily. But that could also bring me right back if I wanted as well. 

She said the land of Otakuthon leaves its mark on everyone. What a strange pirate. I took the map and the instructions and went home.

That night however, I couldn't stop thinking about it. The pirate was right, damn her!! Even though there were some malicious spirits, they were far outnumbered by the kinder and gentler ones. And the beauty of the place. I'll admit. It had its hooks in me. I looked in the mirror and barely recognized the person looking back. He was changed, but he was smiling thinking of the new land. I had decided my fate then and there.

The next day, I woke up excited. Wore my best hair, shined my glasses, and packed my provisions. But I hid my face with a surgical mask just in case I ran into any more monsters or other enemies. And also, to blend into this land of fun strangeness. I looked at the map and followed the pirate's instructions. I said to the map while holding out a peace sign "Day 2, let's go uWu!"

I was instantly transported and was greeted by yet another Jojo, this one from a generation or three further down the line. I told him my tale and he said to me if I didn't want to get messed up again, I should try to find a retainer to hire. For protection. And he did a strange pose and pointed me to Lyndis.

Or as most know her the now, Lyn. A great lord. I asked if I could hire her for protection.

She was insulted, she withdrew her sword from it's sheath. I quickly apologized, knowing how deadly this native of the Sacean Plains was. Believing my genuine error and regret, she allowed me to pass and more importantly, to live.

I stumbled into a giant merchant's room where two, youthful but powerful guards stood. I asked if I could hire them as retainers. They laughed, said I couldn't afford them, and told me to be on my way, weapon and claws pointed at throat, wolf like smiles destroying my hope.

Disheartened, I turned back to find the sun starring at me with a huge smiles. And freckles. And...eyelashes? This was no sun! This was SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS. But today, there were no pants. THERE WERE NO PANTS!!! He was sitting with his pharmacist, who looked to be a kind, smiling, man. I left them in peace and went along my way.

I bumped into some UA students really quickly after that. They weren't interested in what I had to say. They were too busy with their teenage neurosis and their upcoming televisted sports festival. I thought to myself didn't that happen back in season 1? This version of the UA trio must be from a slower timeline. Fascinating.

I took a second look and yup. Their outfits and costumes confirmed it.

As I moved along, I saw a hero. A true and traditional hero! It was Power Girl, Super-Man's cousin and Earth 2's adult version of Supergirl!!! And according to that costume, it was the New 52 version. But before I could ask for her assistance, my luck ran out as she blasted through the ceiling in flight. Probably to help someone truly in danger.

Disheartened, I bumped into the dreaded Himiko Toga. A psycho path I admit I had a crush on from watching My Hero Academia, but this was real life. I was terrified! What was worse is she was just as beautiful in real life, maybe even more. WTF is wrong me!!! I try to make my way discreetly as far from her as possible.  But she stopped me. At first she looked sleepy and bored. 

But then, like a blood thirsty predator, she picked up a scent from me. Her eyes changed instantly. 

I felt like a prey. She went on about UA students and Midoriya this and Midoriya that. I was just watching her hands as they slid back and forth around that creepy, giant, neck-mouth thing she wears. 

I started backing away slowly. But before she had a chance to react, I pointed behind her and screamed "DEKU!". With a speed faster then a blink, she triple flipped backwards and disappeared. I didn't stick around to find out what happened next as I turned to the other direction and bolted.

And bumped into what looked like more class A, UA students. Class A. OH NO, that's Midoriya's class. I was out of there, getting even further.

I only stopped when I saw a familiar face. Daria! I spilled my guts, hoping to gain her sympathy and her help. I don't know what I was thinking. She just kept starring at me. Even when I was done talking. Just starring and judging.

Starring and judging. I could almost hear the musical "la-la-lala la-la-la" theme. So, I backed away and left.

I bumped into Jojo. Jotaro Kujo this time. He pointed at me and told some stuff about Dio. I listened. 

Then he told me about some battles and showed some techniques he used during them to survive. It was all fascinating and I love Jojo, but I had a retainer to hire. I excused myself and moved along.

Never even realizing it, I actually made it into the giant market place! Surely I'd have no trouble finding a bodyguard here. And in no time, I bumped into something unique. A light-saber wielder, a double ended one. But the colors, the colors were not right. He had a Mandalorian mask on. Actually, a mask closer to the dreaded Sith lord that began it all, Darth Raven. But this wasn't him. I asked him of his story and he told me. Once a sith AND a jedi, he chose neither side in the end. Nor was he a Grey Jedi either. He was truly neutral. It was amazing. His purpose was not defined by laws or nature. Clearly, it would have been insulting to ask for this warrior's services as a simple body guard so I thanked him for sharing his tale and his time and went along my way. Luckily, the force provides.

I finally had found a bodyguard. 

And one for hire no less! I asked if she had any experience, and she showed me her moves.

Original fighting style in motion, I was sold. I was about to hire her when suddenly, I felt a thump on the back of my head and everything went dark.

I opened my eyes to see Widowmaker and Cyclops errr I mean Soldier 76 before me. They told me it was illegal to hire mercenaries at the marketplace and that they detained me and were going to ship me away for arrest. I tried to explain to them how I wasn't trying to hire mercs, only some bodyguards but they wouldn't have it. In typical cop fashion, they requested back up.

They were quickly joined by a female version of Soldier 76. They started surrounding me when an explosion went off and took all three out instantly.

I turned around to see a smiling girl with purple hair and a giant frigging cannon. She winked at me and I could tell that she was saying "By the power of the-" and I couldn't make out the last word. It could have been loon? But that wouldn't make any sense. However, she didn't stop moving and I was on the chase.

I ran in her direction, to at least try to thank her and I thought I found her. It was a girl with purple hair all right, but completely different. She looked like a bondage/leather mistress. She seemed really shy so I quickly moved on.

All of a sudden, a bright light blinded me. A huge beam descended with three figures in it, going down like three spots in a yellow stream. When they landed,
I could tell it was two Sailor Neptunes and a Sailor Uranus. They were all beautiful and in love. The Neptunes said they saw a future where I would get in trouble  and that it would have been the end for me. It wasn't allowed to happen so they sent their agent to stop it. I had more important work ahead of me that needed to be done. Before I could thank them, they teleported back up in the beam.

What could have that meant? Do I have some kind of destiny? Was I always meant to be here, in this strange but wonderfully fascinating Otaku realm? How did I get here the first day? What was I meant to do. What's next? I continued on my journey and walked by many other figures of fiction. Like American McGee's Alice. She looked like she was still into homicide. Not wanting to help her fix THAT craving, I broke eye contact and sped up my pace.

Next was a friendly general who saluted me. I saluted back. This Otakuthon land, you never know how its denizens will react to you.

I was relieved to see two more familiar faces, the High Deliverer, Master Tactician, mage Robin side by side with that Dark Shadow, and powerful sorceress-mage Tharja. She looked at him with a murderous obsession. It was sweet.

She then said something about what my liver would taste like in a stew and Robin told me I should get going. Thanks bud. I'd say I owe you one but who knows when we would see each other again. Perhaps next year.

After that, a powerful light engulfed me. It wasn't the Scouts this time, it was Angemon! He offered me salvation. But I wasn't ready to leave yet. I said thank you, but not right now. I still wanted to explore.

Next I thought I saw Jade from Mortal Kombat, but it turned out not to be her. Still, dope uniform

Hexadecimal surprised the fecal out of me.  Literally.  

And when she saw the urine puddle too, she quickly switched to a friendlier face. She said that she was only there for fun and offered to help me clean up. I said no thanks. She had done enough. She replied that it could have been worse. I asked what do you mean and she pointed behind me.

At All For One.  He did a quick scan of me and saw that I had no abilities worth siphoning. I quickly went pale and left the area.

Turning around, two beauteous angels were giggling at my cowardice. I took no insult and was just happy that nothing worse went down.

I took three more steps and a black puff of brimstone exploded in front of me. Another angel? No. The opposite. A smiling succubus. Resist. I must resist!

When I said that I had no soul to sell, her expression changed. I told her however of the many offerings that were available in the market place directly to the South of us and she smiled wickedly again. She flew past me but not before flipping me a silver coin. I caught it and pocketed it away.

I found a bathroom where I cleaned myself and changed into clean shorts. I'm glad I packed some provisions for this journey. As I exited it, what I heard next was familiar. So familiar that my eyes rolled. Two voices.
"To protect the world from devastation."
"To unite all peoples within our nation."
"To denounce the evils of truth and love."
"To extend our reach to the stars above."
"Team Rocket Blasts off at the speed of light."
"Surrender now or prepare to fight."
Then quiet. I looked around waiting for something to happen. They were both frozen in time. So I just walked away.

Then I saw a red haired Wolverine! But it wasn't Wolverine...

At that point I walked for hours on end, up stairs, through hallway after hallway, room after room of events and games and people and viewings and celebrities. It seemed endless. So many hallways of potential. At the end of one, I spotted two sad little girls comforting each other. I went up to them, neck-beard first, and said "hey, little girls, do you need any helpu?" They turned around and their attitude and demeanor completely shifted. They let me know how they really felt. God those hands were huge... The taller one even threatened me with a baseball bat full of nails that she seemingly pulled out of nowhere. These girls didn't need anyone but each other. They were terrors, one instant looking like little chibbis, the next THAT. I was speechless and had no idea where to find anymore healers or scientist doctor-princesses. So I let them be.

Next I heard a big clanging noise and turned around to see the Elric brothers. First just Alphonse, spouting his classic "Brotherrr" line. He's SO CUTE!!! All that huge metal armour and he sounded like he was 9 years old daaaawwwwwwwwww.

Then the short blond dude one popped out from behind him. Edward did NOT like hearing me calling him THAT. Smiling at first, I saw him starting to conjure  something.  His smile started to turn malicious and I realized he was about to attack me so I left.

I wish I had waited to see what Edward did because the next thing I knew, I was face to face with Tomura Shigaraki. He was picking at his dry skin around his chin and neck. I asked him if he wanted me to get him some lotion. He replied that no one had ever been that nice to him before. I saw tears going down his face, running along the lines of mascara. He asked me if I liked My Chemical Romance and if I'd be into listening to some while smoking specifically clove cigarettes. I screamed in terror and ran as fast as I could. Away. Far away from that monster.

At this point, I was exhausted. I sat down and rested my head between my knees on my provisions bag. I heard stuttering and loud burps from behind me. I instinctively muttered "Homer?.." but then I saw the blue hair and the green drool. I hid myself away and accidentally eavesdropped on the most awkward conversation I have ever heard from Rick and Morty. M: What do you m-m-m-ean a clone of his turd??  R: I didn't stutter did I *RRRAAAWWWP*now Morty? M: How could you Rick?  How could you?! R:  It's not like he left anything else DNA related behind.  It was all I had to work with. M:  M-m-my entire life.  I'm.  I'm a literal piece of shit? R: That's right buddy.  Braaap But but but don't take it too hard.  You get to hang out with me, uncle Rick! M:  Uncle?!!?! R: Ah s*it!  Ya ok, so there were two things I needed to talk to you abou-- At that point, I couldn't contain myself any longer, I blasted out in laughter. Laughed so hard that I snorted. A snortle of doom. R: We've been compromised Morty!  He heard everything! Those were Season 9 Spoilers. SEASON 9 MORTY!  WE'RE F*******! M: Fa-f-f-f-f-fine!  Fine! But after we kill him, we're continuing this conversation.  No bullsh-sh-sh** this t-t-t-time. As Morty painfully finished that final word, he pulled out a high tech looking alien-ware joystick but I instinctively knew better. I ran as they released laser blasts all around my head. My ear got grazed. I screamed l-l-l-like a bitch. R:  Shoot to kill, motherf*****.  Shoot to *BLOOOORPPP*KILLLL!! As that last burp made Rick's voice echo demonically, my scream only rose higher and louder. Lucky for me, that attracted the attention of my savior.

Mumen Rider was there!  He started blabbing something on about "Hello citizen. You seem to be in trouble. Is there anyway that I may assist-" I rudely but in full survival instinct told him to STFU, jumped on the back of his bike and told him to GO GO GO. And he took off. Those powerful legs, that shine of justice. I don't know if it's the lesser power of cartoons versus the stronger magic of anime in this Otakuthon world, but the danger was long behind us. I couldn't hear those stuttering maniacs anymore.  I felt safe. I felt...cared for. Mumen asked me where to. As I passed out from adrenaline and exhaustion, I could hear the word "home.." slip out of me.

I woke up to find myself in my bed. What an adventure. I couldn't believe all the amazing experiences that transpired. Was it even real? At that moment, I felt something hard in my back pocket. I pulled out a thick coin. Ah yes, I remember, the Succubus had given it to me. I wonder what it was for. There was a portrait of a woman on it. I looked closer to realize that it was none other then Camilia from the Fire Emblem series. Above her head it said tap three times for a ride. Weird. I went to my laptop to see I had any new emails. There was a video message waiting for me from the Sailor Scout's, the two Sailor Uranus and the sailor Neptune. And it explained everything. (to see what the message was about, look at CAPCOM LIVE! post coming soon!). The next day came and I was ready. I tapped the Camila coin three times and she appeared before me. With her Wyvern! They gave me a ride back to Otakuthon for it's final day and gave me a nod goodbye.

Before starting my mission, I needed to stay hydrated so I visited the Tim Hortons where I saw a few more UA students and staff. They looked pretty cheerful.

On the way to the quest, I heard someone say "nice red socks". It was Marshal Lee! And with him was Prince Gumball. Or at least, these versions were younger, rocker versions of them. They looked awesome.

A bit lost, I saw a Magikarp scrolling through her phone.

I asked her which way was hall 210B so that I can continue on my quest. All she exclaimed was karp karp and moved her head slightly to the right.

I walked in that general direction when a beauteous vision graced my path. I asked excuse me, is this the correct path to 210B and she smiled. I guess that meant yes?

Finally, a reliable source, Meowth came up to me and said for a shiny coin, he'd tell me where 210B was. I bluntly asked "is it this way". Before he could think he said "Meowth, that's right!  Ah darn it!"

Laughing, I continued my path and I was finally at the end of my journey. I made it! There to greet me was a highly decorated general. She said I was at the right place. I was happy. And the show was a blast. I can't wait until next year!!!!!



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