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Screen Drone #9 14/03/2014

Oz is back with an all new Screen Drone. Interesting television smashed over the head with an Oz-Brick.

Surprise!!! It's back! Took a long break because the holidays were busy and also there was nothing on. Welcome to the return of Screen Drone.

Adventure Time 550.551 - Lemonhope parts 1 and 2. It's....really hard to describe this one. I think the animators and writers dropped some acid and were like fuck it. Yes, more then usual. Either way, it's a coming of age story and a conclusion to the insanity known as the Lemongrab Kingdom.

Hunter X Hunter 120 - Pitou unveils his master scheme in yet another exposition filled episode. This is my favourite anime, but recent episodes (and most of this arc) are taking me back to the drawn out style of DBZ, which I fucking hated.

Chozen 107 - A new animated from FX that follows a homosexual rapping Caucasian ex convict recently released from prison. Yup.

Archer 507 - Listen all of you all, it is a sabotage.

Community 508 - MeowBeans. Satireing social media apps with the most exaggerated societal outcome, within the confined walls of Greendale.

HIMYM 920 - It was the day of Barney and Robin's wedding and a surprise guest had just arrived.

Community 509 - A goof up on my part garners y'all an extra review. Rejoice! The community gets fractured into pieces. Pile of bullets, hardcore-gangsta rapping peanut bars, and stolen text books threaten the save greendale committee's unity and things are never the same after....or are they. The answer is yes, they are.

Almost Human 113 - Detective Kennex opens a cold case previously followed by his father. One that cost him his life. **last week, no new episode this week**

Workaholics 408 - Starring Robin Williams, Paulie Shorre, Michael Cera and Bradley Cooper. "Trust me, I'm big on pleasure. Probably too big for your little *bleep*s."

TMNT 213 - Tremors and earthquakes in the city cause April, Casey and the turtles to investigate underground, and of course it involves the ones known as the Krang. Meanwhile, enter Tiger Claw with the return of the Shredder from his Japanese "business" trip.

Kill La Kill 021 - From the creators of TENGEN TOPPA GURREN-LAGANN. With lagann, empowerment of brotherhood was depicted. This time around, it is about the empowerment of women. You couldn't tell by just looking, but the message is there, somewhere amongst all that flesh.

The Big Bang Theory 718 - Some of the domestic nerds travel to Texas while some of them voyage to their imagination. You don't need to be a Byomkesh Bakshi to figure out that fun ensues.

Modern Family 517 - All the women on this show are fantastically attractive. The family oriented sitcom still does an exceptional job with the play on words after five years and this season has Adam Devine.

Bob's Burgers 413 - It's parent's day at the Waggstaff School. Bob and Linda (and the viewers) get treated to three short, wildly imaginative tales written and narrated by the Belcher kids.

Parks and Recreation 616 - The 616 episode! In which Star Lord confesses his deepest secrets, Duke Silver returns and Tom moves forward with his business venture.

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