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SDCC Trailer for Titans

Contrary to popular belief, the new Titans tv show coming to DC's streaming platform, DC Universe, is going to make Beast Boy and Starfire green and orange. We know this because there's been an official trailer released thanks to SDCC happening this weekend. Since this isn't going to be on proper cable, it looks like they are taking all the liberties they can, with Robin dropping the f-bomb while in a fight. It's definitely keeping with that dark and edgy thing DC has been aiming for, so this will probably end up being a "you either love it or hate it" kind of thing. Check out the trailer down below. 

As for DC Universe, you can get the details here from IGN. For $8 a month, you can stream a ton of DC shows (including Batman: The Animated Series) and you apparently get access to comics as well. Seems to be a different angle to Marvel's Mavel Unlimited and doesn't seem like it's the worst deal in the world. Might be worth giving that a look even if you were lukewarm on this reveal trailer. 

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