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Secret Loves of Geek Girls - new Kickstarter from Hope Nicholson

Via Press Release

A new kickstarter of nonfiction text and comic stories by female fans and creators about love, dating, &  sex!

Pledge here and see the Kickstarter! here

Starting today June 22 and running until July 24, a new Kickstarter by Hope Nicholson (Brok Windsor, Moonshot, Nelvana of the Northern Lights) has been launched to produce a brand new anthology!

Secret Loves of Geek Girls features an assortment of female writers and artists including new cartoons by Margaret Atwood created specifically for this campaign!

Among the 41 artist and writer contributors are:

Sam Maggs (The Fangirls Guide to the Galaxy)
Kate Leth (kateordie.com, Edward Scissorhands)
Marguerite Bennett (A-Force)
Roberta Gregory (Bitchy Bitch)
Trina Robbins (Pretty in Ink)
And featuring a cover by Gisele Lagace (MA3, Archie)!

With many more contributors, some of whom are brand new voices, others who have been in the gaming/comic/animation industry for years. These are our stories about our experiences in love and dating .

Please check out the campaign, share with your friends, and help this collection get made!

The Kickstarter is live at: secretloves.ca and I encourage you to tweet about the campaign using the hashtag #SecretLoves


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