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Secret Wars (2015) #1

After three plus years of planning by Jonathan Hickman and Marvel, the first issue of Secret Wars is finally here. With much hype surrounding this mega comic event, does it deliver? Yes, it does. Secret Wars hits the ground running with nonstop action and chaos between the Marvel 616 and Ultimate universes trying to survive of the collapse of the Marvel  multiverse. The entire issue is just pure drama. Hickman's script flows so nicely and paced perfectly. Crossover events tend to be hit or miss depending on the writer and how much editiorial input there is, but under Hickman's direction Secret Wars could end up being magical. Esad Ribic's art is visually perfect to handle type of story but there were some rough and weird facial expressions on some of the characters. So far, Secret Wars has left me wanting more and interested to see where this goes in the next issue. If you haven't read Hickman's Avengers and Ultimate Comics runs before picking up issue one, you will be lost and confused on what's happening. - Panagiotis Drakopoulos 

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