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Serinda Swan Cast as Medusa for Inhumans

Yesterday we reported that Marvel has cast Anton Mount for Black Bolt in the upcoming Inhumans TV show on ABC.  Today, Marvel announced another character for the show, that being Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans and wife to Black Bolt.  For the role, they've picked Serinda Swan who has previously been Aphrodite in the Percy Jackson film series, Paige Arkin in Graceland and Zatanna Zatara in Smallville.  She's the third person announced to be starring in the 8 episode series, alongside Mount and Iwan Rheon as Maximus the Mad. 

Medusa has the power to control her hair, which is super strong and can be stretched out to incredible lengths.  She's been around Marvel comics for a very long time, first appearing in a 1965 issue of the Fantastic 4.  I personally haven't watched anything Swan has starred in, but I'm interested to see what she can do with the role.

How about you guys? Like the casting? Looking forward to Medusa's crazy hair to appear on television? Let us know what you think.

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