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Severed HC

Severed HC

Severed is the story of a boy who runs away from home in search of his biological father. The things he encounters and the harsh world he must navigate often dramatic with a horror twist in the form of a shark toothed traveling salesman who has a taste for the flesh of the innocent.

The presentation of Scott Snyder’s shadowy suspense wrought words paired with Scott Tuft’s beautiful art bring together this creepy story each adding a layer to the suspense and horror.
There are times when the art allows for subtle horror to shine proving that the most obvious, graphic display can often be less scary than the suggestion of the same act. Tuft has obviously got the horror bit down and while Snyder may be new on the scene he clearly knows how to write a great horror comic.

Severed HC

The story of Jack and his adventure and search for where he belongs in the world is perfectly set in 1916 and I believe that story alone would have made a good series but Snyder’s addition of the haunting cannibalistic man gave the story an entirely new level and in my opinion made “Severed” into one of the must have books of 2012.

The presentation of these works along with the bonus features makes the entire book feel sumptuous and at a price of $20 it’s a must have for suspense/horror fan.
There are plenty of bonuses within the book like the painted covers for all seven issues which were done by Attila Futaki, a sketch book of Tuft’s concepts for key characters and reference photographs which were used in the creation of the story and artwork. The best addition in my opinion was the “Page Process” which shows how the script gets developed into a page of comic art it offered great insight.

Overall this story would be a great addition to any library and if you are a horror fan it is simply a must have. I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to read “Severed” and I believe the publishers really have made an attempt to create for fans an experience with this hard cover! The price point simply proves that this was made for people who love comics and that the creators simply just want the fans to have a copy of their story they can be proud of.

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