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Sony's Venom International Trailer

Keeping with the theme of showing a whole lot of nothing for their movie, Sony has today put out a teaser trailer for Venom.  While we don't see Eddie Brock in the Symbiote Suit, we finally have proof that this movie does exist and has at least some things captured on film. No sign of Spider-Man either, it looks like that Venom is going to focus primarily on Tom Hardy and some strange alien stuff. This leaves me wondering if Venom is going to be more of a horror movie than it is a superhero one. Check out the trailer yourself, let us know what you think. The release date is still set for October 5, 2018 in the US, so we've still got plenty of time to know what's up. 

What do you guys think? Got some theories? Skeptical of this one? Let us know!


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