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Spider-Man Gameplay Trailer Shown at E3

For those of you who weren't aware, this week was the start of E3, or the Electronics Entertainment Expo.  This is when all of the biggest game developers show off what games they have coming up for the next few years.  Sony had their big conference tonight, and they ended by showing an eight minute gameplay demo of the new Spider-Man game coming to PS4.  We see the combat, some stealth mechanics, and most importantly, the web-slinging.  Gotta say, it all looks fantastic.  Gone are the days of the cheap Spider-Man cash grab and here is the Insomniac (the makers of Ratchet and Clank) era of the friendly neighborhood superhero.  

There were also some neat story reveals too.  It looks like the game will be a separate entity from the Spider-Man film, with the Vulture nowhere in sight and Wilson Fisk back in some sort of villian role.  There seems to be something else going on, however, as Spider-Man is roughing up Fisk's men in order to found out about another organization operating in New York.  There's a whole chase scene that follows, and a pretty big tease at the end, so make sure you watch the video all the way through.  No release date yet on this PS4 exclusive, just a nebulous 2018, but you can check out the trailer down below. 

So what do you guys think? Looking forward to the game? Still not sold? Let us know!

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