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Studio 4°C Titles Streaming Worldwide on Netflix

Japanese animation studio company Studio 4°C announced on their Twitter and official website  that Princess Arete, Mind Game, Genius PartyGenius Party Beyond films, and Tweeny Witches TV series will be available for worldwide streaming on Netflix in September.

These titles will be on Netflix just in time when the streaming service lauch in Japan on 2nd September. Here's the release schedule: Princess AreteMind GameGenius PartyGenius Party Beyond will be available on September 2nd. While Tweeny Witches will be out on September 15th. 

But there's a catch, the titles will be out worldwide expect for these following countries Brazil, China, HK, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Arabic Speaking countries, with Tweeny Witches not available in Latin America.

Princess Arete


Genius Party - Baby Blue

Genius Party Beyond

Tweeny Witches


With Studio Ghibli in limbo, it's a perfect time to check out what makes Studio 4°C one of the most sought after and respected animation studios in the world.


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