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Summer of '84 2018 Review (USA/CANADA)

July 20, 2018 Fantasia ,


SUMMER OF '84 review
105 min

The TURBO KID collectives return to take us on a journey to the 80s.  Starring Rich Sommer, who seems to be everywhere this past year, and a cast of mostly unknowns.  A lot of people want to compare the film to IT or STRANGER THINGS but tell them I say those two properties don't own exclusive rights to young, suburban teens riding bicycles, and narratives that take place in the 80s.  This movie is its own stand-out creature.  

When reports of a serial killer's murders get close to the town of Cape May, a group of teenage friends residing there suspect their police officer neighbor (Sommer) as the culprit.  Especially Davey (played by Graham Verchere), the group's big dreamer.  He heads the investigation and the boys spend their summer gathering evidence to put this threat behind bars.  

Meanwhile, life and adolescence are displayed around the main plot in a symphony of colors and familiarity. Like a big warm blanket, the viewers are transported back to simpler times and perhaps happier times for some.  Even though there is a clear and present danger constantly in the backdrop.  No one is safe and not everyone will make it out alive in the summer of 1984.

The end of the film is not forgiving and makes room for a sequel.  Perhaps this franchise has legs perhaps it doesn't, but it was nice to go back to an uncomplicated era for a little while.  Even if the situation was a risky and thrillingly dangerous.  I always enjoy nostalgia done right.

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