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Tales from Double Take

Double Take or 2T is a brand new graphic fiction imprint by video game publisher Take-Two Interactive. Back in 2013, Take-Two hired former Marvel Comics publisher Bill Jemas as General Manage of this comic division. Later on this year Double Take will releasing the first wave of their comics, which all take place in the world of George Romero's zombie film Night of the Living Dead, which happens to be in the public domain. With the planned Dead comics for this year, 2T is slowly building up momentum for itself and has big plans for 2016. In April, CBNAH staff writer Panagiotis Drakopoulos got in touch with Robert Meyers, Managing Editor of Double Take to discuss about the company itself, Night of the Living Dead and more.

CBNAH: Double Take Comics has been slowly building up momentum for itself in the last two years. In a matter of months the first issues of the Ultimate Night of the Living Dead will be out. What's the overall reaction and feeling within the company getting closer to release?

Robert Meyers: Exciting. We’re very proud of our first ten stories—they’ll be released in one big bang launch on September 16.

CBNAH:  With Double Take apart of the Take-Two umbrella, how much interaction or communication that goes on?

RM: Take-Two has been incredibly supportive in giving us time to incubate creative content and creative freedom.

CBNAH: Some of our readers might wonder why start off with Night of the Living Dead instead of doing a new IP?

RM: The 1968 film is the best thing in the public domain and it has a cult following—it’s a perfect property for our Ultimate-approach to storytelling.

CBNAH: With Bill Jemas, Michael Coast, Jeff McComsey and a large amount writers either working on the plot or scripts for all of these comics, is the entire writing process very similar to a writers' room?

RM: We started off with a writers’ room at first but now our writers do great just on their own with input from Bill and Mike. We have talented storytellers on our creative teams who can really hold their own, including Jeff McComsey. A lot of them are new to writing comics, too, like Brian Finkelstein and Peter Aguero, who are both Moth StorySLAM hosts. Jeff, Brian and Peter are each working on two series.

CBNAH: What can fans of the film expect to see in the comics?

RM: They won’t be disappointed—they’ll see their favorite characters (starting with Barbara & Johnny) and familiar places in our first 10 stories.

CBNAH: Has there been any feedback or response from George Romero or John Russo about the comics?

RM: George and John weren’t involved in the creation of our stories, but we would love to hear what they and the original cast and crew think of our first 10 stories.

CBNAH: Moving forward, will there be more focus on brand new or existing IPs or a mix of both?

RM: We’re just getting started with our universe—expect exciting, quality IP as we keep growing.

CBNAH: We've seen some publishers use Kickstarter for publishing old material or green-light new projects. Has DTC consider of using Kickstarter in the future?

RM: Kickstarter is a great way to reach out to readers directly—we don’t see a reason why we wouldn’t use Kickstarter in the very near future...

CBNAH: Any plans to attend SDCC this year? If so, any chance of a panel there and any other cons that DTC will be appearing?

RM: We’ll be at Florida Supercon this year and may walk the floors for other cons, like SDCC…

CBNAH: Are you currently accepting submissions? If so, what do you look for in talent and any advice for submitting their work?

RM: We’re always open to submissions and just a funny, compelling story that we can turn into a graphic storyboard. We take submissions at DoubleTakeSubmissions@take2games.com.

CBNAH: For 2016 and beyond, can we expect to see multiple releases of titles? Or it's a bit early to discuss it?

RM: We got a second big bang launch coming in 2016…stay tuned…

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