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Tales From the Hood 2 Fantasia 2018 Review (USA)


110 min

Or as I like to sub categorize it; 'America's Sins bleed'.

Friday night was the world premiere of TftH2.  Typical of the franchise, we have a lovable yet sinister narrator telling stories to a despicable person.  In order to, possibly, inflict a conscious upon them.  

This time around, the listener is the head of an American corporation.  He, the despicable one, is in charge of overseeing the creation of an artificial construct to protect American territory & values.  A robot that feeds from stories to create a morality system in order to better execute its function.  These stories are told from the African American perspective.  Without giving too much away, the four chapters include the following topics;

1.  Black History Museum (of pain, oppression, and furthering the cycle of character defamation psychologically  instead of with blood in regards to its inequality, also racism).

2.  Gangland Voodoo, a tale of hustling, thieving, and revenge from the afterlife.

3.  Mythical predator versus modern predator brought to you by Tinder.

4.  Sacrifices

I have lovingly made up each chapter title myself but they represent each tale's subject matter quite accurately.  The end reveals are also a ton of fun.  

This is the perfect sequel to a 22 year old franchise while staying modern, relevant, and important.  I'm very happy to have started my Fantasia experience with something so familiar in a setting that is like a second home to me.

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