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The Console Slayer 3/18/14

Ports. To use the definition from About.com, porting a video game is: To modify video game software for one platform so it can be used on a different platform. Not a remake, but a modification to work on other platform(s).

There have been numerous ports of games over time. Some of the more well-known ones come from arcade to home console. On a historical side note, the Neo Geo AES used cartridges containing actual Neo Geo arcade ROMs (games), no porting required. The only problem with the AES is that it cost $650 retail. Some of my favorite ports were TMNT: Turtles in Time (ported to SNES but not perfectly, also included an extra stage), Strider (ported to Mega Drive/Genesis) and the Mortal Kombat & Street fighter series.Some of my favorite home console to home console ports are the Resident Evil series from PS1/N64 to Gamecube/PS2. Nintendo also ported some of the best hits on the NES like Castlevania and Metroid to Gameboy Advance in the 'Classic NES Series'. Ocean/Midway did an awesome port of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 to the Nintendo DS as well. I enjoyed a lot of the games and spent countless dollars of my parents money playing them in the arcade but I also enjoyed a lot of these games at home on console, some times by myself but with others as well. It was always fun to be able to bring the arcade experience home with you, even if it wasn't exactly the same.

What ports stick out in your minds? Do you have any favorites? Ones you dislike? Any stories? Lets hear them.

For today's chiptune I'm going to share a track from TMNT IV: Turtles in Time again. It had such an amazing soundtrack that there's a lot of choices there. This is another of my favorite tracks from the game from the extra stage 'Technodrome'.

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