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The Console Slayer 6/24/14

In addition to playing games, I watch a lot of games being played on YouTube and Twitch.tv in part because I don't watch traditional TV any more. Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite gaming/gamer related YouTubers and their channels.

First there's Pro Jared. Jared is a reviewer and comedian at heart. He obviously reviews games, both short and more detailed reviews, streams games he plays some times, participates in multiplayer game shows, covers gaming events like E3 and makes other gaming related videos. He is one of the funniest and likable YouTubers out there in my opinion.

His YT channel here!
His gameplay/Twitch.tv channel

Next is Peanut Butter Gamer. He does lets plays, reviews older games, streams games and does Top 10s. He is a naturally really funny guy without trying to be and often has self-deprecating humor. He's family friendly and also a really likable guy.

His YT channel
His Twitch.tv channel

Then there is Pat the NES Punk. Pat became relatively well-known for his quirky sense of humor in his game reviews. Pat reviews older games, does a podcast called the “Completely Unnecessary Podcast” with his friend Ian that operates a game store and has a flea market game collecting series. He does some other videos too. Pat has extensive knowledge about games and collecting and has one of the largest, most complete NES sets (and games in general) you'll come across. His sense of humor can be pretty cheesy but I enjoy his blend of comedy with gaming knowledge. His reviews are often very informative.

His website
His YT channel

Another YT channel/show I enjoy quite a bit is Ports Center. Ports Center is a series that reviews, well, game ports. Ben and friends produce and host the show. I really appreciate and enjoy Ben's sharp wit/humor and very informative reviews. He never disappoints. I also interviewed Ben for the site.
The YT channel.

One of the funniest and most enjoyable shows I watch is The Game Chasers. The Game Chasers is a show chronicling Billy and Jay, two long-time friends on their quest collecting video games around Texas and at conventions and the like. Billy and Jay are two crass dudes and the show is completely unscripted. The shenanigans these two get into and the things that follow have left me in tears more than a couple of times. FYI, they swear, fart and take off their shirts a lot. The show really comes across like hanging out with your friends but at the same time it is VERY well produced by Billy. If you like games, collecting them and/or humor, check this show out. YT channel.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Nathan Barnatt's channel. Nathan is a super nice, super funny comedian and actor and does a lot stuff about games (not exclusively games though). He does really cool dance videos too. He's family friendly and is one of the funniest people I've come across. He's a character actor and has developed a number of his own characters. The character that helped get him to where he is today most is: Keith Apicary. Keith is an approximately 30 year old man with the mind of a boy and an avid gamer with a love of Sega. Keith gets into all kinds of incidents and accidents by playing dumb and Nathan pulls it off with such mastery. He has another character which he is developing a show for, for Amazon.com and he voices the character Blackstein on Fox's 'High School USA'. Nathan's comedy is very Buster Keaton like, so you don't even have to like games or gaming, if comedy is your thing, check out Nathan's channel. I've had some personal interactions with Nathan and he is a really cool, nice and funny dude. I'm really happy for his success because he deserves it. YT Channel.

Lastly is a website ran by a small handful of personalities. It's one of my favorite websites, ScrewAttack.com. ScrewAttack is home to tons of original content/shows (such as the famous Death Battle) about gaming/gamers, live shows (i.e. lets plays), reviews and news. The SA community members are referred to as 'g1s'. It's my favorite gaming community and everyone is really nice. Watching SA and participating in the community has made me feel like it's one of my other homes away from home. The people that run it are great, funny people. Their original content is really entertaining to me. 

YT channel

Those are most my favorite YT channels. What are your favorites?

For the tune today, I leave you with awesome track from an unofficial remake of one of my favorite game series ever, Streets of Rage Remake. The track is called: 'Alien Power'.

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