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-Gabby, All-New Wolverine #10 (Tom Taylor, Ig Guara)
I know what you're thinking. "Oh, great. Another Marvel Character who's actually someone's clone." And it's even worse this time. Gabby is actually a clone of a clone (Wolverine, formerly known as X-23). And by all means, she's a character I should be bored with. But when her pet wolverine (ugh) Jonathan gets shot by a would-be burglar, that assassin training ingrained in her (that we haven't seen in a few months) kicks in, and she turns from this...


...into this:

And it was a pretty entertaining moment. Definitely helps me remember why I'm still subscribed to this series.

-Brendan, Birthright #17 (Joshua Williamson, Andrei Bressan) (I know this one came out last week. But I wasn't writing this column then)
The coolest character in this series should obviously be Mikey, the kid who, in ONE year, grew a LOT.

Left: Mikey, age 6. Right: Mikey, age 7

But he isn't. This kid is.

Brendan, who is technically older than Mikey, had been sitting on the sidelines for a big part of the series, but recently has taken a more active role, surviving getting shot (with a shotgun!) and saving Mikey. But issue 17 is where the story really moves forward, as we see what Brandon as a Mage looks like, and start to get the feeling that he really can do something and stand a chance against powerful forces that he really only has only known existed for a few days. I can't wait to see where he takes the series, which is saying a lot for a book that had been dragging just a few issues ago. -Mike McCoy


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