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The King of Neverland: A Peter Pan Sequel Kickstarter

Via Press Release

Ever since Peter Pan’s debut on stage in 1904 by creator J.M. Barrie, the story  of  the  boy  who  would  never  grow  up  captivated  audiences  of  all ages. The show ran on stage till 1913, with the novel releasing in 1911. It has  since  become  numerous  films,  both  animate  and  live-action, retranslated as other book series, and has returned to the stage with each new generation. There isn’t a soul on Earth that doesn’t know the story of this young boy that can fly. 

Siike Donnelly, creator of projects such as The Adventures of Solestar and Elan Vital, both produced by Dan Harmon (Community, Rick & Morty), returns to his roots as a writer, penning a novel set in the world of J.M. Barrie’s  classic.  Only  this  time,  he  brings  with  him one  of  the  most original twists ever done, breathing new life into the world we all know and love. In The King of Neverland, Peter Pan has grown up, and he’s the villain of the story. 

Something has happened to Peter, causing him to become an adult and lead the Pirates while Neverland slowly corrodes. Sun, a new character, is ordered  by  the  Lost  Children’s  new  leader,  Tiger  Lily,  to  return  to London, and bring Wendy back, in hopes that seeing her again will save what’s left of Peter’s soul. 

“This  wasn’t  about  doing  a  ‘darker,  grittier’  take  on  Peter  Pan.  In  our world  today,  we  seem  to  elevate  people  online,  only  to inevitably  tear them down for their sins,” Siike began. “We’ve seen a LOT of our heroes become villains. I wanted to tackle that in a story with someone so loved, like Peter. I want to show what that fall does to the person falling, and those that idolized them.” 

“I remember when Siike first told me about the idea,” artist Ashley Lanni recollects. “It was so perfect, and you could hear the passion in his voice. He  has  gone  over  some  of  the  story  with  me  so  I  could  draw  the  two covers and chapter breaks, and is being very careful with each character, especially Peter. I’m so excited to be a part of this book because I think it’s an instant classic of its own.” 

“We may have funded in 12 hours,” says publisher Gene Hoyle, “but we’re far from finished. Stretch goals are in place, some of  which help us expand the story that Siike wants to tell. I’m sure people will see how special this project is and why it’s important that it keeps soaring high.” 

“I don’t know anyone else who could come up with such a cool take on Peter  Pan,  and  I  don’t  trust  anyone  else  other  than  Siike to  write  it.”  –Alex Wilson, editor 

“It’s Hook, American McGee’s Alice, and Final Fantasy all rolled into one amazing story! I just had to be involved!”  -Maddison Nielsen, editor

For more information on the project, visit the Kickstarter Page


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